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7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioning Contractor

Do you feel overwhelmed with finding an air conditioning contractor? With social media and the internet in general at our fingertips at any given moment, finding an air conditioning contractor can be daunting. We want recommendations and sometimes when we ask, we get a ton of them, and then we task ourselves with sifting through each of them to find the best fit for us. 

While you’re researching, get to know your air conditioning contractor so that you don’t leave the well-being of your HVAC system or installation up to chance. Here are 7 things to consider as you interview potential contractors.

Licensure and Insurance

A valid license means your contractor has gone through the rigorous requirements of your state to show they are qualified to do the job. Hiring a contractor who is licensed guarantees they are backed by the state and you have recourse in the event the work is not up to par. If a technician is contracting work, they are required to be listed on the certificate of insurance and carry a minimum of $300,000 in liability insurance. For more information on licensing and insurance requirements in the state of Maryland, please visit the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation


Commercial contractors should have experience working with a wide range of manufacturers and types of systems. They should be able to work with the newest and most up-to-date systems, as well as older systems, like boilers. Many manufacturers have programs that require additional training and higher customer service standards. These designations could mean a big difference in their knowledge of the product. 


A professional air conditioning contractor should be able to provide a list of recent customers you can contact. When checking references, you will want to verify that the company performed the work in the time allotted and to their complete satisfaction. If there were any issues, were they taken care of promptly and completely? Take the time to call a few of the references. It will help you get a good feel of how this company operates and its level of customer service satisfaction. 

Written Estimates

A written estimate is a good-faith measure that should be made by any professional contractor. Angi suggests that written estimates are a good way to ensure that the project’s overall scope is thoroughly documented. 


A quality air conditioning contractor will not assume that your current AC was properly sized. Proper measurements should be taken to ensure the system’s efficiency. The contractor should take the time to perform a thorough and complete analysis of your system and needs.


The manufacturer will offer a warranty on the system you have purchased and had installed. Your contractor should offer a guarantee of the work they have performed. Most contractors will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a predetermined amount of time, such as a year. 

Maintenance Contracts

Proper maintenance and repair of your system is just as important as a quality installation. It is important to understand exactly what the maintenance contract includes and how many service calls are included per year. Your air conditioning contractor should go over the maintenance contract with you in its entirety. 

Having a quality contractor is just as important as having a quality air conditioning system. Doing your research upfront and finding a contractor that meets all your criteria will set the stage for a good working relationship. At Quality Air and Heating, we welcome your call to discuss your air conditioning needs and our qualifications.