Cool Gifts That Will Warm Up Your Home This Holiday

For many of us, the time of year has come when the weather outside is frightfully cold, and staying inside where it’s warm and cozy is the only thing on the to-do list. But if you’re looking for something besides a thermostat that will warm up your home, we give you our top 7 holiday gift ideas to add to your gift list that are sure to heat up even the chilliest room. 

Ultra Soft Loungewear

If you don’t have anywhere particular to be, loungewear is the perfect casual outfit. Add fleece or flannel to the loungewear silhouette and there’s nothing that’s cozier to keep warm in, even on the chilliest of days. Just add a mugful of hot tea and your favorite streaming channel, and lounging never felt so good. 

Assorted Hot Beverages

Speaking of hot beverages, a mugful of hot tea or cocoa can help warm you from the inside out. This is the perfect gift for the homebody who loves staying home when the temperature dips below a certain point. Find an assortment of their favorite herbal teas or assorted cocoa – like milk chocolate or dark chocolate – and fill a holiday mug with something warm to sip on. 


Is there anything more annoying and uncomfortable than cold feet? Those with hardwood floors find this problem especially prevalent in the winter without carpeting to keep walking surfaces warm. Finding the perfect pair of fuzzy, warm slippers could make you the hero this holiday season. If your loved one has hardwood, make sure to find slippers that will keep them safe with slip-resistant bottoms. 

Smart Mugs

Speaking of things on the “annoying” list, cold feet are right up there with finally getting to your cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa only to find that it’s gone cold before you could enjoy it. Instead of risking scalding your tongue by throwing it in the microwave, a smart mug is a perfect solution. Smart mugs use the latest technology to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature that you set on your mug app. You’ll have the perfect cup of anything at the perfect temperature every time.

Compact Ceramic Heater

Chances are you know someone who is always cold. No matter how many layers they have on or how warm their wool socks might be, they still have a little chill. A compact personal heater would be the perfect gift to get them warmed up. Perfect for bringing much-needed warmth to small spaces, a compact heater uses ceramic technology to get the heat settings just right. 

Anything Sherpa

Sherpa fabric, made of curly and piled synthetic fiber, has a wooly appearance and gives whatever it adorns a soft and fluffy texture. Whether you find it in robes, jackets, pillows, blankets, or even bean bag chairs, items made with sherpa fabric make the owner feel instantly warm and cozy. 

A Nice Blanket

Sure, soft loungewear and fuzzy slippers are perfect to keep you warm at home this winter, but never underestimate the power of the good old-fashioned blanket. As firm believers that you can never have too many blankets, we recommend looking for one that’s soft to the touch, thick enough to keep you warm underneath, and long enough to keep everything warm on even the tallest person. 

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